To make sure that your return is completed quickly and to make sure you can get everything you are entitled to, we have made this checklist so that you can provide all the slips and information needed for us to complete your return. We will require of all slips and other information.


We need all employment and other information/income slips SUCH AS:

  • T4 Statement of Renumeration Paid
  • T4E Employment Insurance benefits
  • T4A Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity and Other Income
  • T4RSP Statement of RRSP Income
  • T4RIF Statement of Income from a RRIF
  • T3 Statement of Trust Allocations and Designations
  • T5 Statement of Investment Income
  • T4AOAS Statement of Old Age Security
  • T4AP Statement of CPP benefits
  • T5007 Social assistance payments/Workers’ compensation benefits
  • RC62 Universal Childcare Benefit
  • T2202A Tuition and Education Credit Certificates


Other information we will need is:

  • Business Income and Expenses including Automobile Information
  • Rental Property Income and Expenses
  • RRSP contributions
  • Sale of stocks, or real estate with purchase and sale information
  • Medical Expenses
  • Bus or Train Passes
  • Proof of Support payments for a child or spouse
  • Union dues not included on a T4
  • Charitable donations
  • Political contributions both Federal and Provincial
  • Child care expenses with name and SIN of provider if applicable
  • Children’s fitness and arts programs
  • Interest paid on student loans from a qualifying institution
  • Notice of Assessment for prior year
  • Disability Tax Credit Certificate (T2201) filled out by Doctor
  • Declaration of Conditions of Employment (T2200) filled out by employer
  • TL2 Claims for Meals and Lodging Expenses filled out by employer

We require one copy of every slip you provide. Please keep your originals in case of a CRA audit.